Helpful Websites For Busy Women

womancomputerWorking women and Moms sometimes have limited time to spend on the Internet. In order to fit the most into those valuable minutes a list of useful sites is in order. For recipes I love the two major recipe sites and These two sites alone can provide an almost limitless supply of recipes.

We all need to stay in shape and being taxi mom doesn’t help you keep fit or healthy. The most popular sites that women visit for exercise and health are for health related information, for diet, exercise and good advice on healthy living. has marvelous articles on workouts and exercise.

For online shopping the list is a little longer. My favorite sites are easy to navigate and you can find some awesome bargains too.

These sites are my fabulous five where I can find the best deals and get through the purchase process quickly. They also have fast shipping or local pickup. If you are in a rush because of a forgotten Birthday local pickup is the way to go.

When I have some free time to just cruise around and find interesting things I will visit Here you can find and follow “pins” that other people have found on the internet and shared with everyone else. It is a very interesting site. I think that most women would agree that and http://www.facebook.comare the leaders, right now, in social networking sites. There are others that are gaining popularity though and for our younger generation these sites may take a backseat to their favorites like and

One of many women’s favorite things to do online is to shop for new clothing, shoes, makeup and hairstyles. Some of the most trendy sites for clothing are and A nice site to visit for a good variety of shoe styles is

We also need to keep up on what’s hot and what’s not and a good place to check this out is Vogue has been around since 1892, they must be doing something right. This magazine has been a fabulous resource for women’s fashions and makeup for so long it has almost become a staple for the fashionable women.

One interesting fact about Vogue is that you can look back at their archives all the way to 1892 and see styles of yesteryear. You can subscribe to the archives at Another fun magazine with current and trending styles is You can also read up on your favorites celebs while you look over all the hot new styles. For teens is a great resource for fun games, articles and trending fashions and makeup. They have some great articles.

Workout Tips From Yours Truly

womenworkoutWhen beginning an exercise routine it’s often difficult to understand what type of workout is best, and if low or high repetition exercise offers the most benefit. When researching the different options keep in a mind a few key facts about the body, and consider what exercises lead to the most individual benefit. Also, keep in mind what exercises are meant to achieve.

High repetition workouts target the muscles. Muscles have fibers that are employed to overcome resistance used in high repetition workouts. They use all the fiber in the muscle, and this is why many exercise enthusiasts refer to the process of repetition as feeling a slow burn in the muscle. High repetition exercise actually results in improved capillary functions. Capillaries are important since they carry blood to the muscles. Increased circulation in capillaries also means nutrients to muscles increases. Increased blood and nutrient delivery, along with increased repetitions in workouts results in reduction of body fat, and a more toned body.

Not only do high repetition workouts provide the body with benefits to the circulatory and muscle system, but they also present a routine that offers less risk of injury, more muscle mass, endurance and fat burning potential. Reduced risk of injury occurs because routines with a high level of repetition are generally performed by using light weights. The typical weight used should allow muscles to tire within 90 seconds or less.

Beginners should keep in mind that a high repetitions should be gained in time. Start with 8-12 repetitions a day. Build endurance by doing a few more each week or day. Work up to 15-20 repetitions. Building repetitions is not only important for endurance, but also allows for increasing metabolism. This is because muscle utilizes more calories than fat. This leads to a leaner, more toned body.

High repetition routines generally employ use of light weights to accomplish resistance in muscle tissue. Weights are used with different muscle groups, including arms, legs, stomach, and thighs. Use of hand, arm and leg weights with high repetitions can be included in normal workout routines, and will increase muscle toning. Hand or body weights are used in arm lifts, leg lifts, squats, step and aerobic exercises in endurance training. They are also used in light weight lifting for strength training. Benefits of high repetition exercises will result in increased health, body toning, strength and endurance, as well as more fat burning potential.

What Are The Effects Of Kratom


The usage of Kratom is quickly spreading across the nation and other countries. Unlike previous substances such as “bath salts” or “mollies” Kratom is 100% natural. There is no adding of synthetic materials to this substance. Though it is able to grow naturally many people are torn as to whether this plant should remain legal in the United States, this is because Kratom has both positive negative effects.

Positive Effects

One of the main positive effects of this substance is its ability to reduce or alleviate pain. For centuries different cultures, such as tribes in the Southeast Asian regions, have been using Kratom as a pain reliever. The naturally growing plant is able to relieve aches with the help of alkaloids. Alkaloids are a compound that is found within Kratom. These compounds interact with the cell receptors in the body causing soothing effects that lead to a reduction in pain.

Not only does this plant have physical pain relieving possibilities, it is also able to relieve mental anguish. Kratom has been proven to have a strong effect on your anxiety and mood. This plant is able to lower your anxiety level and exchange it with feelings of happiness within five to ten minutes after consuming a dosage. The anxiety reliever has been known to last for several hours after a single dose.

If you have ever had a day where you just wanted to be lazy and lay around perhaps Kratom can help. According to reports this substance can help to boost your energy level and also put you in a mindset to do work. The stimulant capabilities of this substance also allow people to become friendlier, talkative, and even sociable.

Kratom has been known to also produce a feeling of euphoria. Some individuals that consume or smoke this substance have noted to having a comfortable pleasure feeling. A dosage of Kratom may cause individuals to enter into a dreamy state which causes them to look and feel calm.

Negative Effects

Like other organic substances, using Kratom may cause negative effects. After a dosage of the organic plant, people may begin to feel nauseated; this uncomfortable feeling can easily subsided by the person laying down for a couple of minutes.

Not all negative effects associated with Kratom can be cured by just simply laying down. Other effects may last for minutes or even hours at a time. Some individuals may find that they have become victims of adverse effects of this plant. These adverse effects include: vomiting, respiratory depression, tremors, delusions, hallucinations, paranoia, itching, or even sweating. Perhaps individuals that take a higher dosage of the substance may subject themselves to these particular adverse affects.

At low levels this substance has been noted to provide benefits that include a boost of energy, a decrease in anxiety, and a relief of pain. At higher levels, this drug produces negative effects such as hallucinations or vomiting.

The addicting effects of these drugs have yet to be determined. Some researchers have stated that the plant is addictive while others state that Kratom does not have any physical addicting affects.

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